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CashFlow Guardian Professional is our SaaS solution intended for individual auditors and small work groups. 

The key features are grouped in four functional areas. The following describes the features by functional area:

Business Rule Wizard

CFG includes over fifty standard business rules that end-users can deploy or customize with the Business Rule Wizard. Business Rules can easily be constructed and tested against subsets of data in the Business Rule Wizard before applying against a full data set in production. Rules can be ranked by severity to focus an auditor’s work to the most severe infractions related to greatest control weakness and potential for recovering overpayments. The following are examples of how business rules are used to analyze data. 

  • Review transactions for accuracy and completeness
  • Test the effectiveness and efficiency of internal controls
  • Test the effectiveness and efficiency of policies and procedures
  • Trend data to discover unusual transactions
  • Calculate statistics and performance measures

CFG Core

With CFG, users have the ability to adapt the interface, Active Grid, to meet their needs. Users can view data in a spreadsheet like grid. The user can sort, order and modify the number of columns displayed in the grid view by utilizing the Column Wizard. The view can be saved in the wizard and shared with other users. 

The Active Grid simplifies data analysis functions like filtering. The Quick Filter dynamically changes filter options based on data formats like text, dates and numbers. The Quick Filter contains filters for ranges and missing data eliminating function building like other spreadsheet applications. 

CFG's hierarchical or parent/child relationships allow the user to select a vendor and Drill Down to the vendor's invoice detail. CFG's drill down capabilities effectively organizes data to enable users to work efficiently with identified infractions. 


CFG has a wealth of standard and customized reporting options. Every time a view is created for a business rule, a corresponding report is generated with properly formatted header, footer and body. Additionally, standard reports are typically developed during implementation to display client specific data. 

CFG also includes several Dashboards that summarize the status of the project and key performance indicators. The Dashboards report on data load statistics, the progress of resolving findings and auditor performance.


With CashFlow Guardian, users follow a predefined workflow allowing actions to be assigned to findings. Users annotate and assign findings for supervisor review. Users can use standard forms such as claim forms, claim summaries and detail reports to forward to outside sources.   Reports, scanned documents and electronic files can be attached to findings and viewed from CFG.  The data grid and reports can be filtered or sorted by action status.

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